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AWS & GCP Consulting

In today’s rapidly evolving digital age, businesses of all sizes have unprecedented access to a wide array of cloud-hosted technological solutions and services to accomplish their business needs efficiently and with low-cost.

For many small startups and midsize companies, transitioning from on-premise IT environment to cloud computing can seem like a daunting task—the hundreds of names and services to learn, the new layer of errors cloud migration can present, and not least of all the unexpected bill that may show up at the end of the month. But these are only risks for those entering the cloud unguided, and the rewards of cloud-driven infrastructure can far outweigh the costs, when done right.

At Caelo, our expert AWS & Google Cloud Consultants are here to guide you through a smooth transition to the cloud for your business by connecting you with custom migration planning and  support tailored specifically for the unique challenges and workloads that your business faces. We will help you design a lean, efficient, cost-effective set of solutions to make your cloud migration propel your business forward in the months and years to come.

Google Cloud Solutions Architecture

As businesses continue to migrate their operations to the cloud, the need for effective and efficient solutions architecture becomes more essential than ever. This is where Google Cloud Platform (GCP) comes in by allowing regular businesses and solo entrepreneurs to make full use of a wide array of Google-internal cloud resources and services.With GCP, businesses can easily create, design, and deploy cloud-based applications and systems that are scalable, reliable, and secure. GCP offers a wide range of tools and services that teams can leverage to build and manage complex cloud architectures, whether they are driven by VMs, containers, Kubernetes, or Function-as-a-Service flows.

From lift-and-shift virtual machines to managed services and everything in between cloud security consulting, Google Cloud’s menu of cloud solutions has everything your business needs to run its operations in the cloud. With advanced GCP features, your business can speed up its digitization journey, reduce costs, and focus on other operations, all while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

AWS Deployment

There is a good reason why cloud computing is often synonymous with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ever since the launch of Simple Queue Service (SQS) in 2004, AWS has pioneered hundreds of services for customers to develop solutions that maximize efficiency, results, scalability, and availability, all without compromising security. It is no wonder why the largest companies in the world (including the US government) are major partakers of the AWS ecosystem.
The process of deploying AWS can be complex, but there are many tools and resources available to help make it easier. It’s essential for developers to have a thorough understanding of the AWS platform to ensure that applications are running smoothly and efficiently once they are deployed, and to make sure that they are not generating unexpected costs.

AWS Solutions Architects

As technology advances and businesses turn to the cloud for their computing needs, the role of an AWS Solutions Architect has become more important than ever before. Being an AWS Solutions Architect requires not only technical expertise but also a healthy knowledge of how a business needs to operate. These professionals are responsible for designing and implementing complex cloud infrastructures and sometimes even multi-cloud managed services that meet the specific needs of their clients.

They must be able to navigate AWS’s extensive suite of services and choose the right tools to create solutions that will help your business thrive. If you’re looking for an expert to help your business transition to the cloud, an AWS Solutions Architect is the right person for the job.

With a DevOps-driven approach, Caelo can design solutions that meet both the security and the budgetary needs of your organization, to allow you to unlock new degrees of growth.

Caelo has a network of certified AWS solutions architects and we will introduce you to the right one for your business. 

AWS Solutions Architect Service Professional

An AWS Solutions Architect Service Professional is an expert in designing and deploying highly scalable and reliable applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. With their in-depth knowledge of AWS services and technologies, they help businesses to migrate their existing applications to AWS cloud whether they prioritize fully managed services or a cloud agnostic approach to make future migration that much easier.

An AWS Solutions Architect Service Professional is responsible for analyzing your business requirements, identifying appropriate AWS services, and designing cost-effective and secure solutions that meet your business needs in alignment with DevOps and Agile frameworks. They also provide guidance and support to your business in implementing and optimizing these solutions.

Overall, AWS Solutions Architect Service Professionals play a critical role in helping your business leverage the AWS cloud to its fullest potential.

What Clients are Saying about Caelo

I had the pleasure of working with Nathaniel on a multiyear project for a Forbes 500 financial services client. Nathaniel possesses a remarkable tenacity to get things done, no matter the effort or complexity, and to do so in a collaborative manner and with a positive attitude. He quickly absorbed the ins and outs of enterprise scale projects, from a technological, architectural, and people perspective. [...] What you give to Nathaniel is in safe hands. He is dependable, adaptable and a strong team player.

Ram Krishnamurthy, Principal @ Greenway Solutions

Caelo has quickly become our go-to for DevOps, cloud infrastructure, and solutions architecture. Nathaniel is a lifelong learner with both the credentials and experience to take on extremely complex projects. He approaches work with a great attitude and demonstrates high performance as both a solo IC and team leader in high-pressure startup environments.

We have worked with Nathaniel for over two years on dozens of projects. He is a joy to collaborate with and learn from. He is always open to considering new ideas and attacks problems with an innovative spirit. He has an eye toward solving real-world business challenges and is an excellent team player.

Miles Aron, Founder and CEO @ Arcanium

We were in a bind when we found Nathaniel and he immediately jumped in and was a contributor from day one. Not only were we happy to find someone who was so quick and responsive, but we were blown away by the knowledge and consultative nature of Nathaniel.

He was teaching both us and our clients things all at once. He came up with really ingenious solutions to difficult challenges on a large client. We wouldn’t have been able to deliver the project without him. His expansive knowledge over cloud technologies and DevOps is unique and hard to find with one person. I highly recommend working with Caelo.

Brian Adams, Partner @ Seven Hills Technology

Nathaniel excels in DevOps and project management, making him an invaluable asset for any team. He embraces challenges, takes ownership of his work, and proactively fills responsibility gaps in the team. With his diplomatic approach, he collaborates effectively with multiple teams, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Executive @ RediMinds Inc.

Nathaniel did an excellent job on our infrastructure upgrade project. He asked thoughtful questions to provide an informed proposal. Throughout the project, he communicated often and clearly. He worked hard to resolve each challenge encountered and complete the project quickly without compromising quality. At the project's conclusion, he provided thorough documentation of the work done. Nathaniel was a pleasure to work with, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Caelo’s services.

Software Lead @ FinTech Startup

Looking to Take Your Business to the Cloud?

If you’re looking to hire an AWS Solutions Architect Service Professional, we know just the one. We have a vast network of highly experienced and certified AWS Solutions Architects who are well-versed in the latest cloud technologies and best practices.

With our experience as consultants in everything from cloud migration to DevOps automation and serverless architecture, Caelo can help you find what you need to maximize the potential of the AWS platform.

Contact us at Caelo today to get started and see the difference that AWS and GCP technology can make in your business!