DevOps Fully managed.

Cloud industry best-practices just one click away.

Cloud Deployment

Deploy your app to the cloud, headache-free. React, Angular, Django, Laravel. You name the framework, we'll get it running. If it works locally, we'll handle the rest.

Infrastructure Automation

One-click deploy can be easier said than done, but we will build out whatever automation tooling is needed so that your websites, applications, databases, and pipelines can be deployed in any environment at the click of a button.


Build CI/CD pipelines, custom tailored to your needs. Full documentation and guidelines to keep your code workflows smooth and seamless.

Cost Optimization

Is your money evaporating into the cloud? We will review your cost breakdown and provide immediate, pinpointed recommendations to optimize your cloud spend both for the present and the future.

Security Review

Concerned about security exposure? Do you need HIPAA, FINRA, or SOC II compliance? We will review, document, and help engineer security solutions to keep your cloud and team secure and your mind at ease.

Reliability Engineering

If outages are a problem or if you want to safeguard future growth, we will build out highly available, fault tolerant solutions that fit your budget and BC/DR needs. We will safeguard your infrastructure so you can rest at ease.

About Us

    Since 2021, Caelo has been providing all-encompassing DevOps solutions for clients across the startup world. Led by Nathaniel Perrin, Caelo is committed to providing the highest degree of professionalism alongside the most elegant technical solutions. Nathaniel holds all Professional certifications for AWS and channels a perfectionistic drive to engineer the most stable, secure, and cost-effective solutions with as little administrative overhead as possible.

    Nathaniel currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina but has lived in many states and countries. He spends his free time traveling, studying medieval and continental philosophy, and learning languages. He has varying proficiency in French, German, and Swedish and is more than happy to work with clients in those languages.

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